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The Persimmon Tree calls for Snow....Again.

Three ways to tell if it is going to be a cold snowy winter here in Arkansas.

First, check the hair on a caterpillar.  The thicker it is, the colder it will be.

Second, cut open the seed in a persimmon. Look for a knife, fork, or spoon. This year, we have two spoons. Think of the spoon as a shovel. The more you have, the more you're going to get...snow that is!

Third, go outside and if the ground is white, it is snowing.

Ice on trees along the river is not all that uncommon.  The river temperature is 50 degrees, plus or minus 5 degrees all year long.  A cold dry morning can create ice fog that will collect on the trees creating a beautiful display when the sun rises up over the bluff.

Not as common is a 10 inch snowfall.  We have had more, but usually less.  The average is about 4 accumulations of 2-4 inches and one good ice/sleet storm.  Last year was 2-3 inches of ice and sleet with 4 to 7 inches of snow on top.  Things come to a halt for days when that happens.