Davy Wotton, Guide and Instructor

Davy was born in Wales and spent his early life mostly out-of-doors in that land full of rivers, streams and lakes. Hunting and fishing were his passion and by the 1960s he began a career as a semi-professional flytyer. His innovative patterns and techniques quickly earned him a reputation and soon he was filling requests for articles from flyfishing magazines and publishers. He has now had his work published all over the world. Davy has been a professional in the sport of flyfishing for almost 45 years and has been very much in the forefront of education on the fine art of fly fishing and tying. He has developed new and interesting techniques in fly fishing and tying and has developed a large range of excellent fish-catching patterns. In the 1990's Davy began to spend much more of his life in the US and has recently settled into a home in north-central 

Arkansas (partly because it's much like his Welsh homeland). His work still takes him around the world to demonstrate his skills, but his love for the White River and the enjoyment he gets from teaching and guiding keep him in Arkansas much of the time. Davy's diverse life has been devoted to improving, teaching, sharing and enjoying all aspects of the sport of flyfishing. His patience and understanding makes the learning experience for a beginner an easy one. His knowledge and ability to communicate allows his intermediate level students to pick up on the more advanced fly-casting, presentations and stream strategy techniques. Davy states, “My objective is to give you the best possible experience and help you become a convert to the world of fly fishing if you have not already become one. If you have then you will surely benefit from the new knowledge and skills you will learn.”

The best way to contact me is by email. Most of the time I am out on the water with clients. You may also phone and leave a message if you wish.

Email: davyfly@ozarkmountains.com
Phone: 870-453-2195
Mailing Address:
Davy Wotton
1802 MC 7001
Flippin, AR 72634-9564