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Fishing License and Trout Stamp

Follow the steps below to get your Arkansas fishing license and trout stamps.
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Steps to get your fishing liscense

Due to changes in the way fishing and hunting licenses are issued, it is very important, each fisherman goes to this link and purchase their own fishing license. Arkansas change the way fishing and hunting license, and any permits are issued. They went to a new digital system and all but one issuer in our areas has declined to go along with the new process. The one that has gone along will not issue any license to anyone except those that are renting his boats. Here are a couple of things the guests will need:

  • Go to:
  • Find out of state 3-day license, or other duration (start it on the day of arrival) Find AR Trout Stamp permit (it will be good for one year)
  • They will be asked for ID (Driver License), Social Security Card telephone number, and email. They can charge it to a credit card.
  • If they have ever had a license issued in the state of Arkansas, be sure to check the box that says they have or the one that says they haven't. If they have had one and they do not check the box, they will have to start all over. 
  • They will be asked to print their license on a printer, but you can have it sent to your phone, or simply write the number down and have it with you.
  • NOW, if they wish to use the phone for getting their license, have them call... If you are experiencing difficulty using the customer search, please contact us at 1-844-5AR-SUPP (1-844-527-7877). If you need to contact an AGFC representative, please call 1-800-364-GAME (4263).
  • We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is the most secure and convenient way to obtain a license and stamp. We understand from some of the other attendees that this is the norm for all other outings. Still, we wish we could continue the small but convenient service, but that cannot continue. 

Captain Jim

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