Chad Johnson, Guide and Instructor

Hello fellow anglers, my name is Chad Johnson, born in Mississippi in 1973, with rod in hand. I spent the next 32 years in Crystal Springs. My dad was an angler and raised me just a 4-wheeler ride away from two great warm-water fisheries, where we spent most of our time fishing for Catfish, Bass, and Blue Gill but never with the passion that I have found in fly fishing.

I began coming to the White River area for the first time in the spring of 2003 to fish for trout and smallmouth bass. That's all it took to get me hooked and I begin making as many trips as possible to fish the area. Sometimes getting sidetracked fly fishing for Redfish on the coast but was always drawn back to the White River area. In 2006, I decided trips were not enough; I sold my house, left my business, and moved to the White River Area to pursue a career in fly fishing. I had no idea that my move from Mississippi would land me on such a fast track to such an awesome fly fishing career. After a little travel and a year spent on the water, I realized that I found myself guiding on one of the best Rainbow and Brown Trout destinations in the country, where you can have great dry fly fishing during the spring, with very prolific Caddis and Mayfly hatches where every Rainbow in the river is feeding on dries and a big enough hatch to get the really nice browns going. You may want to come in the summer when our hoppers are popping off; a little hopper dropper action. If you are a fall fisherman and enjoy a little Nymph fishing, drift egg patterns with sow bug and midge droppers can be loads of fun. If you are a little more advanced and don't mind the cold, winter is the time for you, where we strip large streamers on sinking lines for trophy brown trout. FYI: There is nymphing to be had through all seasons. From beginners to advanced; first-timers or anglers that have traveled the world, give me a call to book your guided fly fishing trip today. I will design a trip that will accommodate your every need. Come join the fun in the beautiful Ozarks.

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